About Me

Your QBO Certified Bookkeeper

Hi, my name is Rebekah!

I’m the owner of Bookkeeping By Becca, and what started off as a wistful dream of owning my own business “one day”, has turned into the best non-J.O.B. job there is. I grew up in southern Louisiana and currently live in Hawaii with my husband and two cats, and one of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to overcome in my professional career is being the spouse of an active duty Soldier. It produces many, many challenges, but I’m nothing if not up for a challenge, and owning a virtual business is exactly what I didn’t know I was looking for.

I opened my business in 2019 while continuing to work full-time as an administrative assistant. Since moving, I now focus solely on my business and growing it to service more small business owners that desperately need help understanding their financial position. I am a QBO Advanced Certified ProAdvisor, a Bookkeeper Launch graduate, and a numbers nerd who would love to help you and your business in any way I can.

My favorite success story is when I worked with a school who had spent thousands of dollars and years of time trying to get their bookkeeping straight so they could pass an accreditation audit. In the span of a month, I was able to bring everything up-to-date and they passed their audit with flying colors a few months later! And the best part? It wasn’t nearly as expensive or hard as many business owners think working with a bookkeeper is.

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